General Information

Department of Foreign Language Education,
English Language Teaching

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Foreign Language Education Department offers an undergraduate program in English Language Teaching. Our program opened in 2013 and had its first graduates in 2017. The education period is 1 + 4 years. Basic preparatory program is given to our students who cannot pass English proficiency test.

Vocational courses, which include courses such as the development of English for prospective teachers, linguistics and foreign language teaching methods, are the main outlines of this program. Through elective courses, students are given the opportunity to improve themselves on cultural and professional issues in their interests. As a result, the aim of the program is to help students gain sufficient command of English and to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach English as a foreign language.

Our program offers education and training opportunities with up to date and modernised systems and materials. The program also offers courses on second foreign languages (German or French) and teaching methods. Teacher practice programs are also organized in the program.

Our graduates can teach in public and private schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. 

As Eskişehir Osmangazi University,  Department of Foreign Language Education, our goal is to start Postgraduate programs for a Master's Degree and Doctorate in English Language Education. However, we do not currently have Postgraduate programs for Masters and Doctorates .


Our Organization and Objectives

The Department of English Language Teaching aims to raise teachers who have acquired an advanced level of English proficiency as well as a high level of understanding of the knowledge and skills required for the language education field. Taking into consideration the latest developments in the field, students are provided with a solid foundation in the English language and literacy, methodology, first and second language acquisition, educational sciences and linguistics in order to make them fully qualified teachers of English in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

Students are engaged in a comprehensive program which aims to improve their language skills as well as professional skills and knowledge, so that they can effectively carry out their profession. They are also provided with teaching practice opportunities starting from the first year up to the last year to ensure that they are getting familiar with the educational system in private and state schools, and also, are developing their teaching skills and experiences.

The Department of English Language Teaching aims to cooperates with the Institute of Educational Sciences in conducting graduate programs leading to MA and PhD degrees in English Language Education.



Job opportunities


Some of the fields our department graduates can work on are as follows:

  • In public and private institutions that provide formal education at all levels from preschool to the end of higher education
  • In public and private institutions providing adult education
  • In translation agencies
  • In tourism businesses
  • In export-import companies
  • Public relations
  • Human resources and banking
  • In the media and other commercial organizations